WHINING ORB 125,100 2 (STARBASE) Translates Spemin Dialog
(if communication skill is poor)
FLAT DEVICE 125,100 2 (STARBASE) Terrain Vehicle Lifeform Shield
BLACK EGG 143,115 1 28N X 4E Planetary Bomb
BLACK EGG 234,20 2 35S X 99E Planetary Bomb
BLACK EGG 238,189 3 52N X 16E Planetary Bomb
CRYSTAL CONE 20,198 1 29S X 55W Locates Crystal Planet Nexus
CRYSTAL ORB 132,165 1 46N X 14E Used to bypass Crystal Planet Defenses
CRYSTAL PEARL 56,144 1 29N X 13W Emergency Warp Device
DODECAHEDRON 118,146 4 16S X 20W Transmitter: Increases # of encounters
ELLIPSOID 81,98 1 44S X 137W Focusing Stone used by the Veloxi
HYPERCUBE 215,86 3 11N X 104W (no known use)
RED CYLINDER 112,200 3 59N X 64W Artifact Scanner from orbit
RING DEVICE 215,86 4 90N X 0 Shows Flux Locations(if nav skill is poor)
ROD DEVICE 180,124 2 59N X 22E Laser Deflector Shield
SHIMMERING BALL 68,66 1 12N X 32E Cloaking Device
TESSERACT 18,50 5 15N X 44W

Doubles Fuel Efficiency (after analysed)

* The Thrynn pay 6 times as much as Starport does for artifacts and after the second increase in fuel prices 12 times as much. A good moneymaker near the beginning of the game is to purchase the two artifacts from starport and sell them to the Thynn (the closest ship is at 134,53) for 108 cm of fuel. This profit of 72,000 does require decent engines to get there, but does not require any communication skill.


WHINING ORB Buy from Starport
FLAT DEVICE Buy from Starport
BLACK EGG Veloxi "In old time empire was having base in Veloxi territory at 28N X 4E first planet of yellow system at 143,115"
BLACK EGG Veloxi: Last battle being 3250 at Phlegmak base at 35S X 99E on second planet in handle of axe most assuredly
BLACK EGG Starport Notice of artifacts in ruins on Planet 3
Recent Ruin Messages on Planet 3 of 125,100: " Microfilm -...Reason to believe there is a black egg device in some Phlegmak ruins 52N X 16E on the third planet of system 238,189"
CRYSTAL CONE Elowan: "Akteron, Gaal, Iridani, and Echt. These are the suns of the four seedlings, a constellation in our demesne oft used as a landmark by our people." (Search Elowan space for a 4-star cluster, found at 165,84 area.)
Elowan: "As our young play often do they sing songs such as this- Someday to the ground will fall, Iridani, Echt, and Gaal. Up they'll grow with bran ches tall, then to Akteron they'll call. And at last it too will fall. The brightest seedling of them all" (Akteron is the brightest star of the group, the only O-class sun)
Mechans: "Institute, based at 75S X 66E on Akteron 6"
Institute Message: "The second device is the crystal cone. This is needed to identify from orbit the location of the control nexus, and is known to be at coordinates 29S X 55W on the first planet in the system 20,198. Unfortunetly this is deep in Uhlek space."
CRYSTAL ORB Institute Message: "the crystal orb, is needed to nullify the defenses of the planet. This is in the possession of the Velox and is known to them as the small egg."
Veloxi: "The most magnificent hexagon on sacred planet Sphexi is a sign from ancients to wonderful Veloxi descendants. The small egg is there"
Veloxi: "Sphexi is first planet at 132,165 star"
Location of hexagon : 46N x 14E - shown on Starflight Starmap or via RED CYLINDER
Mechans: somewhere in a nebula in Spemin space is a vast city of the ancients. It is thought to be on the innermost planet of the system
Spemin: "In fact, there is a great city of the ancients in a nebula just outward of our home planet" (56,144)
Location of City: "29N X 13W" - shown on Starflight Starmap or via Red Cylinder
DODECAHEDRON Starport Notice: "Further, we have found information that leads us to believe that there may be some ruins of the old empire at coordinates 17N X 162E on the second planet of the neighboring K-class system."
Recent Ruin Message: " Report - To colony control at 16S X 20W , planet 4 , system 118,146"
ELLIPSOID Rod Device found (see below)
Recent Ruin Message: "Report -... Have finally located Harrison's base of operations on New Scotland, and once again he's one step ahead of us. We believe he may have relocated 44S X 137W on the first planet of system 81,98. We will proceed to..."
HYPERCUBE Shimmering Ball Found. (see below)
Recent Ruin Message on Planet 1 of 68, 66: " Amidst piles of alien books some writing from the old empire -...The Pythagoras Constellation at 216, 87..."
Mechans: "Sol is of course in the Pythagoras constellation. Earth did most of its mining on mineral rich Mardan-4, also in Pythagoras"
Mechans: "The Institute has an underground station on Earth at 12N X 104W."
RED CYLINDER Veloxi: "We is remember ruins of old empire being at 34N X 28E on ice planet of downspin system in staff constellation."
Ruin at 180,120 Planet 1, 34N X 28E: " Institute research report to Elowan homeworld base 60S X 45E - We have ascertained that the dead zone is coreward of the x-coordinate 200. We have also determined that the cause of the flares is somewhere coreward and upspin of our present location..."
Elowan: "The orange star of our birth, at 129,33, was named Eleran, and by the Thrynn Thoss. And upon the second planet did we dwell, and they upon the fourth"
Message at 129,33 Planet 2, 60S X 45E: "Notes -...Information has successfully pinpointed the tesseract energy enhancer and the red-cylinder ancient-ruin locator device at 15N X 44W on planet 5 of system 18,50 , and at 59N X 64W on planet 3 of system 112,200 respectively..."
RING DEVICE Found Earth / Hypercube (see above)
Thrynn: "The ring device is a device, of course, invented by the Thrynn but we have lost the secret to its working. It causes continuum fluxes to appear on ones ships screens. One is known to be on northern Mars in the old Earth system."
Mechans: "The Institute has a starflight research station at the center of the north pole on Mars."
ROD DEVICE Mechans: "The entire economy of the empire is based on endurium. When we left, the richest and strongest planet was New Scotland, the second planet in the upspin end of the staff constellation"
Random Message At New Scotland: " Orders -...Report immediately to base 59N X 22E for new orders from Harrison." 
Ruin at 59N X 22E: " Coordinated listing -... At 59N X 22E, Base 2 at 54N X 13E domicile at..."
SHIMMERING BALL Dodecahedron found. (see above)
Recent Ruin Message on Planet 4 of 118, 146 at 16S X 20W:" Intelligence Communication -...Ship was attacked by the Gazurtoid. All crew were killed and the new cloaking device was stolen. A probe was able to track their ship's tachyon trail to the system 68,66" 
Recent Ruin Message on Planet 1 of 68, 66: "The only thing decipherable in some alien writings are planetary coordinates 12N X 32E."
TESSERACT (Same steps as Red Cylinder above)


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