Starflight 1: A Walk-Through

by Steve

last modified: August 24, 2007

Dedicated to Stainless and his Starflight 1 Remake

Due in part to the extremely nonlinear style in which the Starflight 1 storyline was devised, there never has been a true walk-through for the game other than a list of artifact locations or else the extremely few essential steps needed, or some combination of the two.

The true dramatic scope of the game is not experienced unless clues are followed one step to another, without spoilers. The plot development is truly a nonlinear process. Interrogating a friendly alien race should give you plenty of notes, some useful, some cryptic, many useless, and a few complete in themselves. Only a few of the leads you can follow at one time. This document is organized not in any linear order, but roughly follows the order that the average player would typically discover them. Again a player would normally follow a few leads in one quest, become stymied and be forced to follow other clues for another quest and perhaps run into a clue which allows them to continue a previous quest.


The introduction to starport is better described here. The basic requirement for starting your explorations is:

20 -> 50 endurium (30,000 credits)
fully trained science officer (6900 credits)
fully trained navigator (10200 credits)
fully trained communications officer (8700 or 6000 credits)
class 5 engines (100,000 - 900 = 99,100 credits)
16 cargo pods (8000 credits)

Total = 161,000 credits approximately

Class 4 Engines use 56% more fuel than class 5 engines (0.25 cm per coordinate compared to 0.16 cm) but are more than economical enough for making short trips close to Starbase.

20 -> 50 endurium (30,000 credits)
fully trained science officer (6900 credits)
fully trained navigator (10200 credits)
fully trained communications officer (8700 or 6000 credits)
class 4 engines (40,000 - 900 = 39,100 credits)
16 cargo pods (8000 credits)

Total = 101,000 credits approximately


The first thing to do is to bolster your feeble starting cash. Head over to the Trade Center and selloff 13.1 CM of your fuel. Next go over to ship configuration and purchase a full load of cargo pods. Next stop is personnel to hire six crew members. Less than six is not a problem but it only means that planetary storms and hostile lifeforms have that many fewer crewmembers to spread damage between. Keep in mind that androids are untrainable, Elowan die easily, and that a high starting skill value (50) represents a high maximum skill value (250)

Fully train your human science officer in science and your Velox navigator in navigation, leaving the rest of your crew members untrained at the moment, especially now considering that you're completely broke. Read the notice at operations for some initial clues to investigate. Leave starport. To get the correct launch code, either use the enclosed starcode program, the code chart on, or the 64-bit codewheel. Those who run the Amiga or Genesis copies of the game do not have to worry about any launch code.


Now there are several directions to travel. If you are running the EGA version of Starflight, then skip over to the neighboring system (123, 101) and recommend it for colonization. (35,000 credits) The second planet of the neighboring system and the third planet of the home system are just covered with ancient ruins stocked with fuel. (PC version only) A good spot to land to collect endurium on the third planet of the whole system is somewhere around 30S X 120E, not too low of an elevation to make water areas hide ancient ruins, but not too high of an elevation to make planetary storms dangerous and limit terrain vehicle distance. To reset all ancient ruins and restock them with fuel, simply launch, leave orbit and then immediately return. Make sure you pick up the fuel in a square adjacent to the ruin itself, as often artifacts are found hidden inside the center ruin structure.

Other good planets to mine include the following: (PC version)

Arth System: 125,100:

Planet 1: Chromium (260), Promethium(300), Tungsten(340)
23% mineral content, 0.04G (0.01 Endurium used upon takeoff / landing), no weather
Planet 5: Tin(180), Lead(40), Gold(380)
43% mineral content, 1.08G (0.27 endurium used), calm weather

System 123,101:

* Planet 1: Magnesium(200), Rodium(440), Plutonium(420)
15% mineral content, 0.86G (0.22 endurium used), calm weather
* Colonizable (35,000 MU’s)

Planet 7: Aluminum(220), Gold(380), Platinum(400)
23% mineral content, 0.60G (0.15 endurium used), no weather

Mining in the Amiga version is extremely easy. Simply turn on auto mineral pickup and maneuver in the first zoomed out map view. It takes no time flat to get the resources you need to fully outfit a ship.


Artifacts: none


Starport 01-01-4620 Notice:
"We have also received some indication of alien activity in the system 175,94"


126, 87 - 173, 88


Orbiting the first planet of the system at 175,94 is a old empire transport ship with no life signs or energy readings. Hailing the ship results in the following recorded message being played endlessly: " This is a recorded message. I am Captain Smelenuf of the empire colony hip 'Lasthope'. The date is 3-10-3480. My ship has been critically damaged. Two thirds of the crew and colonists are dead. We have put down on the first planet in this system... I repeat...we have been forced to put down. We will be at coordinates 22N X 97W. We will survive for as long as we can. I just hope you're not too late. Smelenuf out."


Message at 175, 94 Planet 1, 22N X 97W:
"We were on our way to establish the Noah 9 colony world of 'Heaven' when the ship blew. The Mechans are currently in preparation code blue. Our arrival would have initiated code red, and we would have taken control of the Mechans. I believe our ship was sabotaged by the Laytonites, damn them. Half my crew is dead."

Note: this world is colonizable (35,000 credits)


Just in case you're unable to find the Mechans in question:

Starport 03-01-4620 Notice:
"One of our ships was just destroyed by what reports indicate to be androids approximately 20 sectors directly coreward of Arth"


Any Mechan encounter will do. The Mechan may be found within 8 sectors of the star at 145, 107, or they can be found in an unlimited number circling the fourth planet of that system. A minimum of one Human must be aboard your ship, and the following questions must be answered correctly: (usually a random number of these are asked)

Our sensors show that your vessel is derived from empire technology. Do you confirm?

Are you Group 9?

Heaven awaits. Are you prepared?

Do you serve Layton?

We have waited long for Noah. Shall we continue to do so?

Is it your desire that we maintain code blue?

Do you verify code red?

Are you an enemy of Noah?

When successful, the Mechan will respond with the message: "Our databanks are at your disposal."


Unlimited communication time with the Mechan who provide many game clues. (before this point they would fire upon you)

Optimum colony world: 145, 107 - planet 4 (50,000 credits)


Artifacts: Dodecahedron, Shimmering Ball
Secondary Contacts: Veloxi, Gazurtoid races


Starport 01-01-4620 Notice:
"ruins of the old empire at coordinates 17N X 162E on the second planet of the neighboring K-class system"


Message at 123, 101 Planet 2, 17N X 162E:
Report - "To colony control at 16S X 20W , planet 4 , system 118,146"


The player will usually "accidentally" encounter a Veloxi scout conveniently left in the ship's path at 118, 128. Nothing other than clues for additional quests may be gained from this or other encounters.


123,127 - 128,143


Message at 118, 146 Planet 4, 16S X 20W:
"Intelligence Communication -...Ship was attacked by the Gazurtoid. All crew were killed and the new cloaking device was stolen. A probe was able to track their ship's tachyon trail to the system 68,66."

Artifact: Dodecahedron - A "Transmitter" which increases the number of encounters your ship will make. This is very useful since repeat encounters are very difficult to come by when you want them.

Note: this world is colonizable (40,000 credits)


118,107 - 104, 82
98, 79 - 69, 66


A single Gazurtoid ship is circling the first planet in the system of 68,66, and will call for one reinforcement if you're not immediately hostile. The Amiga version of the game will allow you to get by this encounter with an obsequious communication session. The PC version will tend to always end in combat.


Message at 68, 66: Planet 1, random location:
"The only thing decipherable in some alien writings are planetary coordinates 12N X 32E."

Second random ruin:
"Amidst piles of alien books some writing from the old empire -...The Pythagoras Constellation at 216, 87..."


Artifact at 68, 66 Planet 1, 12N X 32E:
Shimmering Ball - A cloaking device which activates automatically upon entering combat.

This world is the best colony world in the game (55,000 credits) and is full of ancient ruins and valuable minerals.


Artifacts: Ring Device, Hypercube
Prerequisites: Cloaking Device Quest Completed


The most important clue comes from the second random recent ruin you run across on the Gazurtoid guarded planet (Planet 1 of 68, 66): "Amidst piles of alien books some writing from the old empire -...The Pythagoras Constellation at 216, 87..."

Now you can simply go there to explore, but to find anything useful you'll need some additional clues. The mechans provides a lot of information:

Mechans: "Sol is of course in the Pythagoras constellation. Earth did most of its mining on mineral rich Mardan-4, also in Pythagoras"
Mechans: "The Institute has an underground station on Earth at 12N X 104W."
Mechans: "The Institute has a starflight research station at the center of the north pole on Mars."

Thrynn: "The ring device is a device, of course, invented by the Thrynn but we have lost the secret to its working. It causes continuum fluxes to appear on ones ships screens. One is known to be on northern Mars in the old Earth system."

Recent Ruin Message on Planet 1 of 143, 115: "Reconnaissance report - To offensive headquarters at 56N X 16W on Mardan 2 - Fighting between the Velox and Gazurtoid is still heated. We have been keeping a low profile and..."


128,105 - 146,112
176,123 - 217, 80


217, 88 - 6 planets
215, 86 - 8 planets 
215, 88 - 3 planets

Mardan-"4" cannot exist in a solar system with only three planets. The continents of Earth and the nearly endless supply of messages and artifacts on the third planet of the system of 215, 86 conclusively indicate that it is the Sol system and therefore the 217, 88 system must be Mardan.


Message at 215, 86 Planet 3, 12N X 104W:
"Invoice -...Second shipment of iridium to arrive at 56N X 16W H.Q. on Mardan 2 no later than the third day of...
Log -...people are panicking. The solar flares are intensifying. The best estimates give us 3 days at the outside. Log entry 2-28-3480 Surface temp. is at 150 degrees C., only being this far underground has kept us alive this long..."

Artifact: Hypercube (no useful purpose)

Earth is colonizable (35,000 credits)


Message at 215, 86 Planet 4 (Mars) at 90N X 0W/E:
Sign - Starflight navigational research station

Artifact: Ring Device - Shows Flux Locations on navigation screen (useless if navigator skill is already greater than 200)


Note: Planet 2 (Venus) in the system is also colonizable. (35,000 credits)


Message at 217, 88 Planet 2, 56N X 16W:
"Letter -...Hereby request that the researchers at the Mars polar station be directed to look into this and..."
"Notice - To all personnel - Earth base one, at 12N X 104W is temporarily quarantined due to..."

Mardan 4: (217, 88 Planet 4) Plutonium(420), Mercury(320), Gold(380)
80% mineral content, 0.70G (0.2 endurium used to land/launch), calm weather

Note: Besides being the most profitable planet in the entire game to mine, Mardan-4 also is covered in ancient ruins and is colonizable (50,000 credits)


Veloxi "In old time empire was having base in Veloxi territory at 28N X 4E first planet of yellow system at 143,115"

This world is guarded by a Veloxi drone. If you are on friendly terms with the Veloxi, either by paying endless bribes or by completing the pirate quest below, they will tell you that the correct code to get past the drone is answers which are numbers that are multiples of six.

Alternatively you can fight your way past the drone with no loss of diplomatic relations with the Veloxi.


Veloxi: "Last battle being 3250 at Phlegmak base at 35S X 99E on second planet in handle of axe most assuredly."

A bit of star chart searching reveals the axe constellation to be at the very bottom right corner of map, and therefore it's "handle" to be the star located at coordinates 234, 20.


130,108 - 173, 61
180, 52 - 232, 40

Note: The world at 234,20 Planet 2 is colonizable (30,000 credits)



Starport 10-01-4620 Notice:
"One of our ships has stumbled across some ruins on the third planet in our own system."


Message at 125, 100 Planet 3, random location:
"Microfilm -...Reason to believe there is a black egg device in some Phlegmak ruins 52N X 16E on the third planet of system 238,189..."


126, 87 - 173, 88
180, 86 - 237,153


Artifacts: Rod Device
Prerequisite: Mechan quest


Mechans: "The entire economy of the empire is based on endurium. When we left, the richest and strongest planet was New Scotland, the second planet in the upspin end of the staff constellation"

Map searching shows a gnarled staff-like star constellation laying on its side with three stars in a vertical row forming its handle. The upspin star is at 180, 124.


Welcome to New Scotland. This planet is scattered with ancient ruins but only in the moderate altitude ranges. Since we do not have any landing coordinates, just pick any location and start searching for ruins.

Message at 180, 124 Planet 2, random location:
"Orders -...Report immediately to base 59N X 22E for new orders from Harrison."
"Papers - Harrison has once again been successful in his latest raid. This time the attack was on six empire cargo ships bound for..."
"Newspaper -... Of the empire now suspect that Harrison's base is here on New Scotland and that his troops are secreted here amongst our population..."


Message at 180, 124 Planet 2, 59N X 22E:
"Coordinated listing -... At 59N X 22E, Base 2 at 54N X 13E domicile at..."

Artifact: Rod Device - A laser deflector shield which always operates and greatly reduces the damage your ship takes from laser weapons.


Message at 180, 124 Planet 2, 53N X 12E:
"Report -... Have finally located Harrison's base of operations on New Scotland, and once again he's one step ahead of us. We believe he may have relocated 44S X 137W on the first planet of system 81,98. We will proceed to..."


150, 96 - 95, 82


Artifact at 81,98 Planet 1: 44S X 137W:

Ellipsoid (useless to the player) - return to the Veloxi to instantly achieve friendly diplomatic relations. This artifact is known to them as the focusing stone.

Note: this planet is colonizable (50,000 credits)

ALTERNATIVE 1: Sell to the Thrynn for 45 cm endurium.

ALTERNATIVE 2: Sell to starport for 15,000 credits.


Artifacts: Red Cylinder, Tesseract
Secondary Contacts: Thrynn, Elowan races


Besides your very own invitation to the Thrynn home system, this quest could also be your introduction to the Uhlek, as both artifacts obtained are in opposite ends of Uhlek space. As many others, your first clue is from the Veloxi:

Veloxi: "We is remember ruins of old empire being at 34N X 28E on ice planet of downspin system in staff constellation."

Map searching shows a gnarled staff-like star constellation laying on its side with three stars in a vertical row forming its handle. The downspin star is at 180, 120. All of them happen to be ice planets unfortunately. For some reason the first planet just happens to be the correct one.


Message at 180, 120 Planet 1, 34N X 28E: " Institute research report to Elowan homeworld base 60S X 45E - We have ascertained that the dead zone is coreward of the x-coordinate 200. We have also determined that the cause of the flares is somewhere coreward and upspin of our present location..."

Besides another direct hint about your mission objective, following the clue requires knowledge about where the Elowan home world was located back in Old Empire times.

Note: This planet also contains ancient ruins. Considering the topography of New Scotland, this planet is also easier to collect fuel from.


150, 96 - 95, 82
101, 83 - 142, 51


Elowan: "The orange star of our birth, at 129,33, was named Eleran, and by the Thrynn Thoss. And upon the second planet did we dwell, and they upon the fourth"

Message at 129,33 Planet 2, 60S X 45E: "Notes -...Information has successfully pinpointed the tesseract energy enhancer and the red-cylinder ancient-ruin locator device at 15N X 44W on planet 5 of system 18,50 , and at 59N X 64W on planet 3 of system 112,200 respectively..."

Surprisingly enough, a former home world is also colonizable. (35,000 credits)

FLUX (18, 50)

142, 51 - 101, 83
98, 79 - 69, 66


Artifact at 118, 50 Planet 5, 15N X 44W:

Tesseract - cuts hyperspace fuel usage in half

The fifth planet has a high number of ancient ruins.

The fourth planet of this system is colonizable. (30,000 credits)

Warning: There is a Uhlek fleet in this system.

FLUX (112, 200)

128, 24 - 179, 52
180, 52 - 232, 40
235, 49 - 229,148
234,167 - 109,204


Artifact at 112, 200 Planet 3, 59N X 64W:

Red Cylinder - pinpoints any artifact on a planet from the orbit landing screen.

The planet is also colonizable. (40,000 credits)

Warning: There are multiple Uhlek fleets in this system.


The Thrynn simply tell you about both artifacts. Unfortunately you must use the Red Cylinder to find the Tesseract, as there are no handy random ruins to give you the Tesseract's location:

"There exists a device called the Tesseract. This device belongs to the Thrynn but was stolen by the Uhlek. It is at somewhere on the fifth planet in system 18,50. We have been unable to reach it."
"Another device that was stolen from us by the Uhlek is a cylindrical red device. It is known to be on an old empire world that was once called Koann-3. It is located in the system of 112,200 at 59N X 64W."


Artifacts: Crystal Pearl
Secondary Contacts: Spemin race
Prerequisites: Thrynn Quest (red cylinder)


Mechans: "Somewhere in a nebula in Spemin space is a vast city of the ancients. It is thought to be on the innermost planet of the system."

Elowan: "The Spemin knowest little and mostly do they bluster. Upon pampering shalt thou appease them, but that which is useful shalt thou gain'st only by force."


118,107 - 104, 82
101, 77 - 61,131


After encountering the Spemin several times in their territory and either threatening them with a hostile posture / hostile statements and a powerful ship, or by destroying one or more of their vessels, you get them into a permanent groveling posture. Be aware that if your ship is not powerful enough, and/or you meet a group of their warships, they may decide simply to attack you.


Spemin: "In fact, there is a great city of the ancients in a nebula just outward of our home planet"

Searching the star map reveals only two small nebulae outward (to the left) of the nebula surrounding 82, 148. Searching the interior of both nebula reveal no systems in the upper nebula, and only one M-class star in the lower nebula located at 56, 144.

The first planet in the system has no random ruin messages or anything else to point you at the correct coordinates. The original boxed game map contains a picture of the City of the Ancients and the coordinates "29N X 13W"

Alternatively the location can be found with the Red Cylinder.


Artifact at 56, 144 Planet 1, 29N X 13W:

Crystal Pearl: warps the players ship out of combat when the ship has been critically damaged and maneuver has been selected.

Approximately 75 CM of endurium from a large number of ancient ruins.


Artifacts: crystal cone, crystal orb
Needed: 1 or 2 black egg bombs

Prerequisites: Mechan quest completed, Veloxi friendly relations, Thrynn Quest (red cylinder)
Secondary Contacts: Veloxi, Elowan, Uhlek races


Many different sources give you hints to what the overall mission of the game is. To summarize, a huge ancient device the size of a planet is slowly and meticulously wiping out all carbon based life in the galaxy by causing stars to flare. At the start of the game stars at the X-coordinate 200 are flaring. As time goes on, stars closer and closer to your home system start flaring.

02-01-4620 Notice:
"the stability of our sun is definitely deteriorating. How much time we have until there is a fatally large flare, we are still not sure, but there is little doubt that this will eventually occur. In view of this the only option available to us is to get as many colonists off of Arth as we can."

14-01-4620 Notice:
"The cause of the instabilities in our sun are external to the star."

18-02-4620 Notice:
"We have just lost another of our ships. This time it was at the coordinates 192,152."

Ruin at 180,120 Planet 1, 34N X 28E: "...We have ascertained that the dead zone is coreward of the x-coordinate 200. We have also determined that the cause of the flares is somewhere coreward and upspin of our present location..."

Veloxi: "The great egg at 192,152 is made by ancients. It is of course looking like big Veloxi egg exactly."
Veloxi: "Prophecy of egg says great egg is travel through galaxy from core to outward. Prophecy of egg says great egg the causing sun of any system where is life to flare. The life is killed no doubt. Prophecy of egg say the great egg is slowly move and driving in front races that trying to escape destruction of great egg."


Elowan: "Mayhap none have known more of the ancient ones than the Institute of the old empire of Earth. But alack, with the fall of the empire the knowledge was lost, for none, not even we, knew the location of its final hiding place among the stars."

The Elowan give you this quest and provide most of the hints to solve it as well. Finding the Institute is essential to discover the steps necessary to destroy the crystal planet.


Elowan: "Akteron, Gaal, Iridani, and Echt. These are the suns of the four seedlings, a constellation in our demesne oft used as a landmark by our people."

Elowan: "As our young play often do they sing songs such as this- Someday to the ground will fall, Iridani, Echt, and Gaal. Up they'll grow with bran ches tall, then to Akteron they'll call. And at last it too will fall. The brightest seedling of them all"

Mechans: "Institute, based at 75S X 66E on Akteron 6"

Inside Elowan space hidden inside the nebula formation there is a constellation of four tightly packed stars. Three of them are class B stars and one of them (165, 84) is class O, the "brightest" or hottest sun.


Message at 165, 84 Planet 6, 75S X 66E: (see message fragments below)

Basically to destroy the Crystal planet you'll need the crystal orb, the crystal cone, and a bomb. (one of the three black egg artifacts described earlier)


Institute Message: "... Therefore it is our finding that the only effective means of destroying the crystal planet is with the use of 3 devices. The first of these, the crystal orb, is needed to nullify the defenses of the planet. This is in the possession of the Velox and is known to them as the small egg. "


The Veloxi do not give out information about their most prized possession, the one they believe insurers the survival of their race to strangers. To get this information, you must get them to lower their shields. (friendly diplomatic terms) This can be done with either The Pirate Quest or by endlessly paying them tribute and using an obsequious posture.

Veloxi: "The most magnificent hexagon on sacred planet Sphexi is a sign from ancients to wonderful Veloxi descendants. The small egg is there"
Veloxi: "Sphexi is first planet at 132,165 star"
Veloxi: "Of course answering Veloxi probe is by 6 multiples the yes answer."

Just like with the the first black egg planet, (the old empire listening post) there is no diplomatic penalty imposed for destroying the guardian drones instead of answering their questions correctly.

The planetary location of the small egg/crystal orb is not revealed anywhere in the game. You must use the red cylinder obtained from The Thrynn Quest to locate it.

Alternatively the planetary coordinates (46N x 14E) are shown on the paper Starflight starmap that comes with the game.

Make sure that you can not have any contact with the Veloxi while having the crystal orb onboard. If they detected it, you have the choice of either handing it over or entering into an immediate firefight.


Institute Message: "The second device is the crystal cone. This is needed to identify from orbit the location of the control nexus, and is known to be at coordinates 29S X 55W on the first planet in the system 20,198. Unfortunetly this is deep in Uhlek space."


Risk contact with the Uhlek. If you decide to do this, sell off your lasers and make sure your ship is outfitted with class 5 shields, armor, and missiles. The PC version allows you to take advantage of a bug (see the plasma bolt section of the combat analysis for more details) so sell off your cloaking device temporarily to starport as well

Uhlek scout ships are no danger having merely class 5 missiles which are dodgeable. The truly dangerous ships are the warships which shoot double-speed plasma bolts that have a kick twice as powerful as missiles and are homing. Small groups are extremely dangerous but encountering the large groups mean instant death.

Another extremely difficult but possible method for survival is to try to run away from combat and outrun plasma bolts. This can only work if your ship has excellent acceleration, i.e. sell off your armor and almost all cargo pods. The ship configuration window shows you your ships acceleration reading on its screen. A fully loaded ship with poor acceleration stands no chance of escaping and will be toasted before reaching halfway across the screen.

Keep in mind that all alien fleets start off at fixed positions in the game and then slowly chase you as your ship gets close to them. The small groups consisting of two scout ships and one warship are quite dangerous in themselves, but are possible to beat with luck and fast reactions. The "super fleets" consisting of 8 warships all firing off plasma bolts at an insane rate are guaranteed instant death. Their starting positions are:



Destroy the Uhlek mind ganglion planet and remove all the Uhlek from the game.

Needed: 1 of the 3 black egg bombs

First it is necessary to threaten the Spemin to get useful information from them. (more information about how to do this is detailed in the city of the ancients quest)

Spemin: "The Uhlek are not many creatures, but one. It is simply spread out in space. The Uhlek have a central mind-ganglion. It is a massive thing buried deep within a planet. If it was destroyed the Uhlek would be helpless until another one developed. To destroy an Uhlek mind-ganglion it is necessary to destroy an entire planet. Of course we could destroy an entire planet if we chose to. Unfortunately we have a law against destroying planets, so some other fearless, powerful race shall have to do it. The mind-ganglion planet of the Uhlek is the life-bearing planet in the system 55,32. Destroying it should be a trivial task. We are almost tempted to do it ourselves."

Fortunately this system is outside Uhlek space and not guarded for some reason. Perhaps all of the guards are around the UHL core instead of just this one node...but that subject is brought up in Starflight 2.

SYSTEM - 55, 32

Scanning all the planets in the system reveal only one life bearing planet, the second planet in the system Land, drop a black egg anywhere on the surface, and take off again.

After the bomb goes off, you will receive the following message:

"Captian, all alien communication in the area has ceased."

Congratulations, all of the Uhlek ships in the game are now gone, unless you are playing the Genesis version. In that case you are simply out of luck.


Spemin: "There is a secret way into Uhlek territory. The first jump point is at 106,139. The second is at 64,186. And the third is at 35,186. Do not try to do this though. Anyone but a master Spemin navigator would get lost."

The complete flux pairs are:

106,139 - 65,181
64,186 - 31,184
35,186 - 23,199


Artifact at 20, 198 planet 1, 29S X 55W:

Crystal Cone - Locates control nexis on the crystal plant from orbit.


The only planet in the system 192, 168 is the crystal planet itself. If your ship holds the crystal orb, your ship will not be shaken apart immediately when entering orbit. The crystal cone points out the landing coordinates for the control nexus. On the planet's surface endurium is scattered everywhere. The only exception on the featureless terrain is a ruin containing the following message:

Message at 192,152 Planet 1, 47N X 45E:
Log entry, 8-8-3382, Commander McConnell, Entry 1 - I have successfully teleported to the crystal planet! I am dizzy and have experienced a profound sense of disorientation but other than that I seem to be fine. The control nexus is visible from here.
Entry 2 - It would seem that the electro-magnetic field around the crystal planet is, in fact, blocking communications since it has been an hour and I have still received no transmission from crystal base 1.
Entry 2 Cont. - I am therefore writing in this log as planned, and will attempt to find a safe place for it before the explosion.
Entry 3 - I have reached the control center and have set the charges. It appears to be a massive ruin of the ancients. The queer crystalline lumps of endurium are everywhere here.
Entry 4 - I have just had an astounding experience! I can hardly believe it but I seem to have made telepathic contact with the ancients. They are here! On the crystal planet, controlling it!
Entry 4 Cont. - I wish there was some way for me to communicate what I have found. The explosion is set for T-minus 40 minutes. In the event that the crystal planet is not destroyed, I can only hope that this log is found by someone.
Entry 4 Cont. - I can hardly believe it! Those weird lumps are actually intelligent life. The ancients are endurium! And we have spent hundreds of years hunting them to burn fuel in our ships.
Entry 4 Cont. - Their metabolism is so much slower than ours they live in an entirely different time framework. I don't think they even know we are sentient. It believe it was only because of a link thru the crystal planet that contact was made at all.
Entry 4 Cont. - This crystal planet was their last defense. I can hardly blame them. Carbon based life must have seemed something like a virus to them. Just the same, I hope the explosion works. It looks like at this point it's us or them. McConnell out.


Drop the black egg artifact to arm it. (on the recent ruin seen on the PC version, at the center of the arrangement of ancient ruins for the Amiga version) When you take off the black egg destroys the planet and the endgame sequence is played out.

The game does not end at this point, and you can continue to explore the galaxy or finish other quests as needed.



Humans are a bi-pedal omnivorous race with smooth skin and a characteristic matt of skill hair. They are 1-1/2 to 2 meters in height, and are light beige to dark brown in color. Humans have a internal skeleton and two small, narrow set eyes which allow binocular vision. This race is particularly aggressive and tenacious. While moderately weak physically, humans are highly flexible mentally and are particularly adept at theoretical modeling and in applications of logic and inference. Finally, although there is a degree of sexual dimorphism in this race, the differences are insignificant.

Durability: 6 
Learning Rate: 9

Science: Excellent (50-250) 
Navigation: Good (30-200)
Engineering: Good (30-200)
Communication: Good (30-200)
Medicine: Good (30-200)

Very little is known about human diplomatic behavior. Much of the old empire history has been lost and shaded in folklore and superstition. The civilization of Arth a.k.a. Noah 2 has only recently appeared on the intergalactic scene and the Umanu a.k.a Noah 6 only recently freed from mental domination. Behavior of individual captains remain somewhat erratic and follows a privateering bent, yet currently in a benevolent form. Only future events will reveal humanities true position in the cosmos.

Veloxi / Velox

The Veloxi are insect like creatures with two legs, two arms, and two intermediate appendages which can serve as either. They have a hard, red, chiitinous exoskeleton, too large compound eyes, and two antennae which serve as olfactory sensors. When in an upright position a Veloxi is approximately 1-1/2 meters in height if male and 2-1/2 meters if female. Veloxi culture is akin too hive culture and and they are not known to be particularly intelligent. They are, however, exceptionally strong and durable and they have excellent hand/eye coordination. These traits, in conjunction with a well-developed spatial sense, make them well-suited for engineering and technical tasks.

Durability: 8 
Learning Rate: 6

Science: Good (30-200)
Navigation: Excellent (50-250)
Engineering: Excellent (50-250)
Communication: Poor (0-100)
Medicine: Poor (0-100)

Battle Tactics

Mechan / Android

Androids are sophisticated automatons and not, strictly speaking, a race. Because they are constructed of metals and plastics they are the most durable of all the races. At the same time, however, they cannot benefit from training because their programming is hardwired and their skills are set at a fixed in efficiency level. Of the numerous models available, Interstel now uses the enhanced biosynthetic DX2000 series, a recently rediscovered empire model deployed with the failed Noah-9 colony. Like all androids, the series is best suited for use in tasks requiring straightforward computation and linear analysis.

Durability: 20 
Learning Rate: 0

Science: 50 
Navigation: 200
Engineering: 200
Communication: 00 
Medicine: 20

Battle Tactics


The Gazurtoid are an aquatic race resembling terrestrial squid. They are extremely xenophobic and have throughout their entire recorded history, hated air-breathing lifeforms and have made it their holy quest to destroy such life. They almost succeeded, aiding the Uhlek with the destruction of the Old Empire, which almost killed off humanity..

Durability: 8 
Learning Rate: 1

Science: Poor (0-100)
Navigation: Excellent (50-250)
Engineering: Excellent (50-250)
Communication: Average (10-150)
Medicine: Average (10-150)


  • Disarmed and extremely obsequious ships have a small chance of responding to a hail rather then being destroyed immediately. If this occurs then the Gazurtoid will simply preach destruction, ignoring any questions, then leave.

Battle Tactics

  • Very slow warship/colony ships which try to surround their enemies.
  • Immune to missiles and ignored by the uhlek, so contemptuous of tactics. They expect long range weaponry to be ineffective and to be able to overpower anything at close range.
  • Never flee/retreat



The Thrynn are a bipedal, carnivorous, reptilian race. Although graceful, with long necks and tails, they are very muscular and are covered with tough protective scales. They range in color from green to gray and are approximately 1-1/2 meters in height. Like humans, they have an internal skeleton, and two forward set eyes. The Thrynn value culture and diplomatic,.and are said to be devious and cunning. For no apparent reason, they harbor an ancient animosity for the Elowan. The plant people, in turn, have little love for the Thrynn. The Thrynn have a fair overall learning rate and a fair constitution. They excel in situations involving protocol and diplomacy.

Durability: 6 
Learning Rate: 7

Science: Good (30-200) 
Navigation: Good (30-200)
Engineering: Good (30-200)
Communication: Excellent (50-250)
Medicine: Poor (0-100)


  • Simple straightforward language with an additional "hiss" occasionally added


  • Total dependence on missile technology for war. Lack of plutonium is a primary limiting factor of the Thrynn war machine.
  • Technologist industrial society ruled and totally controlled by the military
  • Total feud with the Elowan. Aggression is focused other places when more serious threats emerge.


  • Powerful innate aggression tempered by age and intelligence with intense loyalty to clan or species.
  • Egg laying carnivorous reptiles
  • Warm blooded bipeds


  • Complete belief in fate, the principle of "survival of the fittest" and a disdain for mercy of any type.
  • Ruthlessness tempered aggression. Will not sacrifice unnecessarily if diplomacy provides a better answer
  • Will attempt to charm and ally with neutral strong races and manipulate them for their own benefit.
  • Pursuit of the state at the expense of the individual.
  • No moral system beyond loyalty to the state and then the commanding officer. Deceit and treachery common.
  • Very hierarchical society and a rigid ethic based on decorum
  • Conceived and prideful, yet attempt to hide this when communicating with others

Battle Tactics

  • Independent and subtle feints and charges.
  • Individual ships or units may act with independence at times but will strictly follow orders and stay in fabric for missions when commanded.
  • Laser equipped vessels with powerful engines and extremely maneuverability.
  • Emphasis on deceit and misguiding the enemy
  • Probing and scouting vessels on extended missions to discover technology
  • Will only surrender if highly outnumbered.
  • Tight ship formations which test for weakness and charge if advantage is found.


  • At minimum every other statement a Thrynn utters is a lie or deception.



The Elowan are a bipedal photosynthetic race, 1 to 2 meters in height. They are a willowy and delicate list numerous prehensile vines. The color may range from a light yellowish green to a deep greenish blue. They have two large, compound eyes which are characteristically a deep reddish brown. They are highly empathetic and are particularly creative thinkers. Although weak physically, they excel in interpersonal skills. Their excellent learning rate allows them to learn all skills relatively quickly.

Durability: 2 
Learning Rate: 10

Science: Average (10-150) 
Navigation: Good (30-200)
Engineering: Average (10-150) 
Communication: Excellent (50-250)
Medicine: Excellent (50-250)


  • 3-part sentences, 3-sentence replies often
  • poetic, often rhyming form
  • mix of old english flavored language and standard english


  • 1st homeworld Eleran (129,33 p2) (destroyed by Thrynn)
  • 2nd homeworld Elassia (*unknown*) (destroyed by solar flare)
  • 3rd homeworld Elan (148,63 p2)
  • Feud war with Thrynn
  • Feud started due to hunting instinct of Thrynn - sentient beings being the most dangerous prey, and headfruit the most defended prize.


  • Reproduction by planting, flowering, and spreading genetic material widely from dozens to thousands of times
  • Uprooted at adolesence to become omniverous producers - can consume both plants and animals, and also go without external food and use photosynthesis. Uprooted stage Elowan are the only ones who communicate with aliens.
  • Guardian instincts - peaceful relations shown as the best defense against aggression, except for the Thrynn and their allies. Can be considered schizophrenic since enemies such as the Thrynn are pursued with extreme violence and hatred.
  • Harvest festival - end of a reproductive cycle. 1/3rd of race shows signs of 'becoming rooted.' Can only resist cycle by remaining indoors or offworld
  • "Mayhap one of every 300 of our number doth stay rooted within the ground, and in so doing is its head then transformed into a melon-like fruit called headfruit wherein lie the many seeds of our future."
  • Sluggish metabolism - poor reaction times
  • Intense memories and recall prevent mental focus and limit discipline needed to excel at mathmatics or science
  • Extremely weak physically
  • Relational thinking allows them to interpret or decode complicated patterns and symbols easily.


  • Philosophical goal to obtain "peace and truth"
  • Warlike hatred for Thrynn
  • Charity toward allies (fuel offer)
  • Love of history, more retained knowledge of Old Empire & Ancients then other races
  • Distain for techology and artifacts. Only developed ships & weapons due to feud with Thrynn

Battle Tactics

  • Tiny but incredibly sophisticated ships with powerful shielding
  • Missile weapons only, group defense, slow maneuverability
  • Defenseless transports, always escorted
  • Tight group formations, heavily defended convoys
  • rotation of lead ships to allow wounded ships to recharge shields
  • rarely venture away from Elan, and always in range of reinforcements
  • Offer terms of surrender if losing, except when fighting Thrynn


  • Hidden 4th Elowan colony world in the 4 seedlings


The whipping boys of the galaxy, the Spemin blobs have had a long, spineless history revolving around their being inferior. They copied their ship designs from ancient Gazurtoid, and their hull decorations are obviously copied from a number of species, making their cheap, poorly constructed ships look even more ridiculous. Arrogant and foolish, the only way to get anything useful from a Spemin is to beat it out.

Durability: 1 
Learning Rate: 3

Science: Poor (0-100)
Navigation: Average (10-150)
Engineering: Average (10-150)
Communication: Poor (0-100)
Medicine: Good (30-200)


  • Childish whining.


  • Given spacefaring technology by the old Empire to everyone's regret.


  • Short life span of four years


  • "The childish bully," rude
  • extremely prideful and arrogant or extremely fearful

Battle Tactics

  • none


  • The comic relief of Starflight.

Uhlek / Leghk

The remnents of a vast powerful civilization mentally adapted and dominated by a sector-wide energy-based being. Collective consciousness has both strengthened and atrophied certain skills.

Durability: 5
Learning Rate: 8

Science: Excellent (50-250)
Navigation: Excellent (50-250)
Engineering: Excellent (50-250)
Communication: Poor (0-100)
Medicine: Average (10-150)

Vocabulary: none 
History: unknown 
Biology: unknown 
Psychology: hostile to all sentient beings either on ships or planet-based inside their territory with the exception of the Gazurtoid

Battle Tactics

  • Initial retreat out of laser range (if player is too close) with intermittant fire, then a constant barrage of missiles & plasma bolts.
  • Line-shaped formation
  • Never retreat or flee


  • Telepathic behavior - neither cloaking technology nor underground bases are effective at evading detection
  • Density of ships increases towards outward "edge" of sector
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