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2/13/2010: New version of Starflight/Dosbox packaged up. Default 1024x768 windowed mode, full screen mode utilizing as much of the full screen as possible while remaining aspect-ratio correct. (Removed for GOG version)

Thanks to Pat Shearon for a new Starflight 1 code wheel program that operates properly in 64-bit environments. Download it here. (included and needed in the current Win/DOS installer) Also thanks to Robert Anderson and Nick Collett for the two 16 color Tandy versions of the game now packaged in the Win/Dos version, including an invulnerable ship mod with engines that use no fuel, and one million startup cash. Besides having the identical graphics quality of the commonly found EGA version, the Tandy version fixes several longtime bugs. Shields drop properly in nebula, the crystal cone is no longer located underwater, the first planet of 123,101 is no longer colonizeable, and all the fractal terrain people remember in CGA version is faithfully rendered in 16 colors

Note: You are NOT authorized to download a copy of the complete game unless you already own the original disks.  Also be aware that this document is extremely spoiler rich.